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utorak, rujan 2, 2014

SMS Service is Active - Odd:2,35 - High stake - Send SMS and WIN

SMS Servis je Aktivan - Kvota:2,35 - Jaci Ulog - Saljite Poruke

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darko-tipovi @ 13:25 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0

17:30   Australia - Lithuania   154,5- (under 154,5)   1,90

Match between Australia and Lithuania - Basketball, World Cup. This is very important match for both teams and I expect one tough, low-scoring match.

Australia have 1-1 so far. In first round they lost from Slovenia 90:80. In second round they won against South Korea 89:55. They lost from Slovenia and now they are in tough situation because if they lost this match, probably they will fight for 3-4 place on the table. Australia is strong in the racket where they have players like: Andersen, Jawai, Baynes...Also they have Ingles who is good defender. Australia rarely go for threes because they are weak from that position (only Broekhoff can be a danger).

Lithuania have 2-0. They won against Mexico 87:74 and against Angola 75:62. That was pretty easy opponents for Lithuania and today they will have much stronger opponent. Still, Lithuania is favourite here and they shoule win. Lithuania have problems on PG position becaus ethey lost Kalnietis. They are strong in the racket where they have "big" players like: Valanciunas, Jankunas, Lavrinovic, Motiejunas...That will be their main danger and for sure they will try to play mostly of the actions with them. For sure they have few good shooters, but they are not like in the past.

I think that we will see one tough match. I think that border is too high and I expect under here. I expecy under 154,5 points on the match.

darko-tipovi @ 13:23 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
ponedjeljak, rujan 1, 2014

21:00   Rio Ave - Boavista   1   1,65  status
FT: 4:0

Rio Ave had perfect start of the new season. Firstly, they reached the group stage of Europa League. They will be in the group with: Aalborg, Steaua and Dynamo Kiev. At the begginig of the season they plaued Super Cup and they lost from champions Benfica on penalties after it was 0:0 in regular time and overtime. That was pretty good performance against best team in the league. In local league they have 2-0-0. They won against Setubal 2:0 and against Estoril 1:5. Now at home ground I expect another win for them. For today's game they will be without: Del Valle (attacker 2/0) and Marvin (midfielder 0/0).

Boavista is back in Primeira Liga, after 6 years. Interesting fact is that they came from third league, not from second. Anyway their target is to stay in first league, although that will be very tough. Boavista started with two losses. They lost from Braga 3:0 and from Benfica 0:1. Also I must to say that they have tough schedule against three strong opponents in first three rounds. For today's game they will be without: Bodo (attacker 2/0). In last season Bobo scored 18 goals on 25 matches and he was top scorer of the team.

Little comparation of these two teams:
Rio Ave - total market value: about 32 milions euros
Boavist - total market value: about 10 milions euros

All in all I think that Rio Ave is much better team. At home ground before their fans they should win easily against Boaviest who will play without Bobo (their top scorer from last season).

darko-tipovi @ 11:47 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
nedjelja, kolovoz 31, 2014

15:45   Sparta Prague - Jablonec   3+ (over 2,5)   1,85  status
FT: 2:0

Match between Sparta Prague and Jablonec. I expect one interesting game with many goals, at least three.

Sparta Prague have 3-0-2 so far. They have 2 losses in a row, so they need desperately one good result. In that 5 games they had scored 6 and conceded 3 goals. For today's game they will be without: Husbauer (standard midfielder 4/1) and Holek (midfielder 1/0). Husbauer probably will left the team and gone to Seria A (if I had good informations about this player).

Jablonec have 3-1-1 so far. In that 5 games they had scored 8 and conceded 5 goals. For today's game they will be without: Hubnik (attacler 0/0), Benes (defender 2/0). Doubtful is Jun (attacker 3/0). Jablonec have great attack. They had scored in every game, so I expect at least one goal fro this team.

Sparta is in bad shape after they lost from Malmo. They had few bad result, but before 3 days they won 3:1 against Zwolle (Europa League qualifications), so I hope that they are back. They need a win if they like to fight for the title, so I expect few goals from them. Jablonec in first round lost from Plzen 3:1 (another title contender). I think that they are capable to score at least one goal here.
In last 11 games between these two teams we had:
10 overs / 1 under

darko-tipovi @ 09:26 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
subota, kolovoz 30, 2014

20:45   Roma - Fiorentina   1   1,75  status
FT: 2:0

This weekend will start Seria A. Today we have one interesting game between Roma and Fiorentina. I expect Roma to win this game and in my opinion Roma is one strong team who is capable to fight for the title in this season.

Roma in transfer period made some changes. They lost: Benatia (Bayern), Dodo (Inter), Bastos (end of loan) plus few other players who are not so important. On the other side they brought few great players. They brought: Iturbe (from Verona), Manolas (from Olympiakos), Sanabria (from Sassuolo), Astori (from Cagliari), Cole (from Chelsea), Emanuelson (from Milan), Keita (from Valencia)...All in all I think that they made great team and for sure they will fight for top places on the table.
For today's match they will be without: Strootman, Balzaretti, Castan and Maicon.

Fiorentina did not made big changes in the roster. They lost: Romulo (Verona), De Silvestri (Sampdoria)...but all important played stayed in the club. On the other side they brought players like: Basanta (from Monterrey), Marin (from Chelsea)...Not so important news aboyt transfers, but for this game they will have problems with absences. They will be without: Cuadrado, Rossi, Marin and Fernandez. Doubtful is: Pizzaro.
Cuadrado and Rossi are important players for this team and without them Fiorentina will be much weaker for sure. Plus Pizzaro who is important for midfield is doubtful and maybe he will be on the bench.

Roma at home ground against Fiorentina had: 14-1-1 in last 16 matches. I expect another win for Roma.

darko-tipovi @ 12:52 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0

19:00   Benfica B - Covilha   3+ (over 2,5)   1,85  status
FT: 3:1

Benfica B have 3-0-1 so far. In that 4 games they had scored 9 and conceded 4 goals. That's average 3,25 goals per game. In last round they won just 1:0 and now I expect much more goals on this game. Their attacking line is best in the league and at home ground they should score few goals, like in previous two games (Benfica B vs Trofense 3:2 and Benfica B vs Academico Viseu 4:0).

Covilha have 1-2-0 so far. In that 3 games they had scored 6 and conceded 5 goals. That's average 3,7 goals per game. In last game against Olhanense they played 3:3. Their attack is solid, they scored a goal in all three matches. I think that they are capable to score at least one goal in this game.

Mutual games:
Benfica B vs Covilha   2 : 1
Covilha vs Benfica B   2 : 2
Covilha vs Benfica B   2 : 0
Benfica B vs Covilha   4 : 0

darko-tipovi @ 12:34 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
petak, kolovoz 29, 2014

20:45   Bray - UC Dublin   3+ (over 2,5)   1,75  status
FT: 2:0

Match between Bray and UC Dublin. I expect one interesting game with many goals, at least three.

Bray have 3-2-7 at home ground. In that 12 home matches they had scored 9 and conceded 23 goals. That's average 2,7 goals per game. For this match they will be without: Dave Webster (defender 14/0), Adam Hanlon (midfielder 16/1), Eric McGill (midfielder 11/0) and Shane O'Neill (attacker 17/1). All are injured. Suspended is Michael Barker (defender 6/1).

UC Dublin have 1-2-9 on the road. In that 12 away matches they had scored 14 and conceded 32 goals. That's average 3,8 goals per game. For today's match they will be without: Mark Langtry (defender 17/1) and Tomas Boyle (defender 12/1). Both are injured.

I think that this will be one interesting game with many goals. Both teams have weak defenses (plus few absences) and both should be capable to score in today's match. I expect 3 or more goals.

darko-tipovi @ 12:34 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
četvrtak, kolovoz 28, 2014

22:15   Rio Ave - Elfsborg   1   1,75  status
FT: 1:0

In first game in Sweden, Elfsborg won 2:1. They had one great first half, but not so good second. Another advantage was their artificial turf, but now the situation will be much different.

Rio Ave is one solid team. I can say that they had "good" result from first game. In local league they started very good with 2 wins and goal difference 7:1. They won against Setubal 2:0 and against Estoril 5:1. For today's game they will be without: Del Valle (midfielder) and Gustavo (midfielder). I expect Rio Ave to be high motivated for this match and before their fans to win this game and reach the next stage.

Elfsborg is much better team at home ground (mostly because their artificial turf). Now on natural grass they will be difference team for sure (they showed that in last game against Halmstad). That will be a big problem for this team for sure. Plus they have few absences. They will be without: Hedlund (midfielder), Mobaeck (defender) and Nilsson (attacker). Defender Jonsson is doubtful for this match.

All in all I think that Rio Ave will win this game. They have home court advantage. They are in good shape. Support from the fans. Elfsborg is bad on natural grass. Everything is on home side. Home win !

darko-tipovi @ 10:12 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
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